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                A Forign Teacher Position Description

                A Forign Teacher Position Description

                Fujian Hwa Nan Women’s College
                This is a written statement listing four elements of the position of Foreign Teacher at Fujian Hwa Nan Women’s College, Qishan Campus, Fuzhou, Fujian, P.R. of China
                1. Responsibilities (duties)
                  1. Prepare a syllabus for each course taught
                  2. Prepare and follow lesson plans barring any unforeseen interruptions
                  3. Be punctual to class
                  4. Maintain a high quality of teaching by being well prepared, keeping the students active in the lessons, and instilling enthusiasm for learning
                  5. Notify the FAO or Department Chair if unable to go to class
                  6. Be willing to participate in college student body activities if asked
                  7. Provide office hours for students to come for extra help if needed
                  8. Use resource books and materials to supplement textbook learning
                  9. Quiz students regularly for knowledge gained and retained from class lessons
                  10. Maintain accurate records of grades for each student
                  11. Assign homework on a regular basis
                  12. Communicate with co-workers who are teaching the same subject
                  13. Submit grades at the end of each semester with necessary accompanying evaluations
                  14. At the end of the year, return all teaching materials and grade books that were provided at the beginning of the semester(s)
                2. Qualifications
                  1. Minimum of two years teaching experience
                  2. Possess a TESOL certificate (or equivalent) or proof of ESL teaching
                  3. Minimum of a BA Degree from a recognized university, a degree in education preferred
                  4. Physical exam required
                  5. Age 65 or under
                3. Physical and Mental Demands
                  1. Willing to live and work in a foreign country
                  2. Willing to adjust to different types of food in a foreign country
                  3. Willing to be away from family for an extended amount of time
                  4. Willing to walk up to 300 yards and climb 5 flights of stairs to go to class, rain or shine
                  5. Willing to teach students whose first language is Chinese
                  6. Willing to be well organized, keeping records of students’ performance
                  7. Willing to stand and move around the classroom during the 90 minute class 
                  8. Willing to correct papers outside of class: evenings, weekends
                4. Living and Working Conditions
                  1. Required to lived on campus, apartments are provided in the International Faculty House
                  2. Communal meals are provided in the dining room
                  3. A Foreign Teacher’s kitchen is available
                  4. The campus is 30 to 40 minutes to town by public transit
                  5. No snow but cold in winter, humid and hot in summer
                  6. Apartments are equipped with air conditioners and heaters
                  7. Classrooms have ceiling fans as well as audio-visual equipment
                  8. The Foreign Affairs Office personnel will provide assistance at any time and will plan and provide educational outings for Foreign Teachers