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                Foreign Teachers And Accommodations

                   Foreign Teachers at Hwa Nan Women's College 2009/10 from USA, New Zealand, Australia, and the Philippines
                What is it like to teach and live at Hwa Nan Women's College as a Foreign Teacher?
                Living and working at Hwa Nan is unique. No other college or university provides a large building where ALL foreign teachers live together. It is called the International Faculty House. It is new and located on campus and offers the following amenities:
                1. A private suite of rooms with free internet access
                2. An air conditioner and ceiling fan in every room as well as a heater for the winter months

                3. A telephone in every suite

                4. Video room equipped with VCR, DVD and VCD capabilities along with a library of over 250 movies to watch. Local rental is also available

                5. There are two libraries: one has over 400 pleasure reading novels of all interest categories and the second is a resource library for teachers. It is well stocked with up-to-date professional teaching resource material

                6. A cook who is hired to cook only for the Foreign Teachers. All meals are well balanced and quite adequate. All meals are taken in the dining room in the Foreign Teacher's Residence House.

                7. Laundry lady who comes everyday (except Sunday)

                8. Three computers and one printer available to all Foreign Teachers along with individual email addresses, if desired

                9. Copy machine for use day or night

                10. Recreation room with ping pong table and card tables, plus exercise equipment including a treadmill and bicycle plus a multi-exercise machine

                11. Foreign Affairs Office to help in any way when needed

                12. FAX machine in the building for use by Foreign Teachers

                13. Ironing board and iron available in the Residence House

                14. Transportation is provided for Foreign Teachers once a week for shopping as well as airport pick up and send out.

                Most medicines and vitamin supplements are available in Fuzhou. Large, modern super markets and department stores supply most of the needs of foreign teachers. Medical services are efficient and easily accessible. Transportation on modern air conditioned buses is easy and fast.
                   The picture shown here is the INTERNATIONAL FACULTY BUILDING. The above amenities exist plus each Foreign Teachers has his or her own suite consisting of s living room, bedroom, built in bookcases and storage space, and bathroom (20 suites in total). There is a modern kitchen available for Foreign Teachers (the cook has her own kitchen), a large dining room, a gym equipped with a treadmill, stationary bike, ping pong table and badminton court, a TV room, a large library which includes a teacher resource books and books for pleasure reading. There is a reception room as well as a classroom/seminar room/meeting room along with the Foreign Affairs Office.