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                首页 > English > About Hwa Nan > President’s Message

                PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE

                President Su Mengna


                On behalf of the entire Hwa Nan Women’s College staff, I am pleased to introduce you to our beautiful campus and to share my vision for the future of our college. The history of Hwa Nan is a narrative that started in 1908 offering a promise of education for women.
                As a private college in the 21st century, we are uniquely capable of carrying out that promise by providing up-to-date facilities, experienced faculty and a commitment to seek the best way to inspire learning. 
                As a three year vocational college, students can choose to study under any one of twenty two specialties that would serve to prepare them to be productive citizens after graduation.
                My vision for Hwa Nan is to endeavor to educate a new generation of leaders and to create a sense of pride in faculty and students as important and vital human beings. I would like to see our 3800 students being prepared for not only a good career, but also for success in whatever they choose to do.
                As President of Hwa Nan Women’s College,  I am taking on the challenge to pursue these worthy goals because I feel strongly that our college can be and will be a beacon and light for all. You are invited to join us.
                Su Mengna, Ph.D.
                Fujian Hwa Nan Women’s College