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                Faculty and Staff Recitation Competition and Spring Festival Party


                On the afternoon of January 8, Hwa Nan held a Faculty and Staff Recitation Competition themed Loving China and Loving Hwa Nan and Spring Festival party for the purpose of improving humanistic quality of faculty and staff and creating vibrant and positive atmosphere for the campus culture.

                At first, Council Chair Su Mengna delivered New Year’s Speech and sent festival wishes to all faculty and staff.  Labor union groups performed recitation following the sequence of selection by lottery.  After fierce competition, the eighth group stood out and won the first prize.  The tenth and eleventh group received the second prizes.  The second, fifth and sixth groups got the third prizes.  The other groups were given Excellence Awards.

                During the competition, Labor Union ran a prize draw segment to extend the best wishes for Spring Festival.  The event closed in laughter and happiness, embodying the fusion of passionate, talented and collaborative spirit.