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                The First Student Counselor Competency Competition


                On the afternoon of January 9, the first student counselor competency competition was held by Student Affairs Office, aiming to fully apply Xi Jinping thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era and the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, thoroughly implement the spirit of national conference on work relating to ideological and political education for higher education institutions and the spirit of national education conference, steadily push forward education campaign themed "staying true to our founding mission", and train a competent and professional team of student counselors.

                Ten student counselors participated the competition.  The first part of the competition includes fundamental knowledge test and case study.  The second part involves counseling and lecturing.  In the simulate counseling session, counselors demonstrated their understanding of student growing path and their ability of navigating students through education.  In the lecturing session, centering around the theme of “we sweated and we toiled as we pressed ahead with concrete efforts for achievements”which is from Xi Jinping 2020 New Year Speech, student counselors gave their impassioned, coherent and reasonable speeches, fully manifesting their professional competency and solid mastery of knowledge.

                After fierce competition, Lei Ming from Department of Education was granted the first prize.  Xu Yanfang from Department of Art and Design and Chen Yunling from Department of Education were awarded the second prizes.  The third prizes went to Wu Lingling from Department of Education, Huang Xuenan from Department of Art and Design and Zhang Dan from Department of International Business & Management.  Lei Ming also won the Excellence Award for Basic Knowledge.  Xu Yanfang and Huang Xuenan received the Excellence Awards for Case Study.  Luo Yingyan from Department of International Business and Management got the Excellence Award for Counseling.  Zheng Qiuling from Department of Tourism Services won the Excellence Award for Lecturing.




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