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                2020 New Year Speech From Council Chair Su Mengna




                Faculty, students and alumni,

                 Summer and winter overlap and New Spring is coming.  At this happy moment of ringing out the old year and ringing in the new, on behalf of the Council, I would like to extend my  New Year greetings to all of you. 

                  “In 2019, we sweated and we toiled as we pressed ahead with concrete efforts for achievements.” This year, we stayed focus on fostering virtue through education, continuously boosted vitality of management and operation, and made remarkable achievements in party building, ideological and political education, teaching, student admission and employment, faculty development, campus culture establishment, and international cooperation.  The management and the services of the college improved and became sophisticated.  The education quality, the performance and the social influence are all evidently enhanced.

                Over the last year, we have strengthened political and ideological guidance, followed the direction led by scientific theory, stayed focused maintaining the right tone in public communication, and shaped the soul with advanced culture.  We set up the Culture Establishment Committee, formulated a five year plan, and clarified the goals for campus culture establishment .  We continuously improved conditions of the college and have finished filing the applications for the Second Provincial Civilized Campus.  We published two books of “International Faculty with Fujian Hwa Nan Women's College Since 1908” and “Compiled Work of Xiao Cang Study”.  We compiled and printed “A Snapshot of Hwa Nan Excellent Alumni”.  Preschool Education Party Branch was awarded National   Exemplary Branch.  Department of International Business & Management was conferred Wuyi Vanguard of Fuzhou City.  Preschool Education Party Branch and Health Services Department Party Branch were recognized as the first Provincial Party Building Exemplary Branch Cultivation Unit. Public Affairs Management Class 2017 Youth League Branch was honored as Fuzhou May Fourth Red Banner Youth League Branch for Year 2018.

                Over the past year, significant progress has been made in teaching, the footstone of the college.  Clothing Design Program was successfully approved as the core program of Vocational Higher Education Innovation & Development Action Plan between 2015 and 2018.  Forty-one students participated seventeen national or provincial vocational college skill competition, obtaining good results of one first prize, one second prize, five third prizes and thirteen excellent prizes.  Lin Jingxian from Business English Class 2017 won the third prize in the national final of 2019“FLTRP.ETIC Cup”English Public Speaking Contest.  In August 2019,  the student entrepreneurial project “Hwa Nan Healthy Diet for Infants and Children” coached by Zhang Min received the Bronze Prize in Fujian Innovative and Entrepreneurial Competition for Female Students. Hwa Nan model team led by teacher Yi Haoqing achieved impressive results in the national final of 2019 World Professional Supermodel Contest.  Wang Xiheng claimed national male model champion.  Two other models ranked top ten in the national final for female model category.  In 2019, we enrolled 1656 students, a record high in history and the third largest amount among private institutions in Fujian.  The total number of 1523 new students registered and the registration rate is 91.96%, achieving our expected target.  A total of 1004 students graduated in 2019, of which 1000 have found jobs.  The employment rate is 99.6%.  One hundred and four students, about 10.35% of all graduates continued their education for bachelor degrees.

                Over the past year, we have promoted research which has already shown early results.  Our faculty received eight research grants.  One of them is the key research project for vocational college foreign language teaching study in 2019.  Three projects received provincial education research fund in science and technology for young and middle-aged teachers.  Four projects received provincial education research fund in social science for young and middle-aged teachers.  Xie Xiling from Ideological and Political Teaching Department won the first prize in the “Best Class” fragment teaching competition for the ideological and political theory course.  Last year, faculty published thirty-one papers and four were published in university journals.

                Over the past year, we have provided services to local community for coordinated development.  Hwa Nan Vocational Technical Ability Appraisement Station organized twenty rounds of appraisement, serving 1218 people.  We offered volunteer services for local events of the Cross-strait Economic and Trade fair (Fuzhou 518 SEC), the Digital China Summit, the Higher Education Expo China, 2019 Huawei China Ecoparty Conference, World Professional Supermodel Contest (Fujian provinceSpecial Event for University Town, Wedding Planning Event organized by Fuzhou Exhibition Center, and Fujian Rural Credit Fuzhou International Marathon.

                Rings of time build up energy for striving forward.  Footprints of history inspire dreams.  In 2020, we will continue upholding Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, fostering virtue through education, enhancing talent cultivation quality, optimizing the structure of programs, upgrading the quality of education, and improving conditions of education, to ensure of bringing the quality of education and performance of running  to a new height.

                Faculty, students and alumni, it is encouraging looking back at the past.  Looking to the future, we will head forward courageously.  Let us lose no time progressing along, overcoming difficulties, and working tirelessly for the creation of new glory for Hwa Nan in 2020.

                I would sincerely wish you a Happy New Year, good health and a happy family.