Whipped Cream Chargers – The Secret to Great Whipped Cream!

A whipped cream charger is basically a metal cylinder or case filled with nitrogen (often mixed with gasoline) and utilized in an electric whipped cream charger as a whip agent. Using the charger will cause a chemical reaction with the ingredients in your cream, generating a highly concentrated nitrous gas which you then use to whip the cream. The gas is extremely volatile and can burn your hand if it is not tightly sealed. N2O canisters have a very short foil over the wide end that has to be popped open to release the powerful nitrous gas. This generates a massive amount of heat which raises the melting point of the cream, separating it from the cold cream inside the canister.

The Different Types of Whipped Cream Chargers

Whipped Cream Chargers also differ in size from one another. You can get a small 12 oz. bottles for a party or store your produce in for a longer period of time. These small bottles have smaller canisters with less nitrous oxide, so they are not as powerful but are still much better than a full-blown rechargeable nitrous oxide cartridge.

Whipped Cream Chargers is available online or at your local shop. Some are refillable and others need to be replaced periodically. I would suggest buying one that is not too expensive and can last for years. It is important to check on their longevity before buying because you might end up having to replace it far sooner than you want to. There is even electric-powered Whipped Cream Chargers which can be plugged into a car cigarette lighter or used with an electric blender.

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