Early Intervention Services

Early Intervention Services

The early intervention specialist Program offers a wide variety of services to children with developmental problems. The program’s main focus is to help families support their child’s development. These services are provided in the natural environment, including the home and community, and are often embedded in the daily routines of the family.

In order to qualify for early intervention services, a child must meet certain criteria. One of these criteria is that the child must have a developmental delay. A developmental delay is defined as a twelve-month delay in at least one functional area.

Developmental delays are often caused by illness or disability. However, they can also occur by chance. Whether or not the child is delayed is determined through an evaluation. To have an evaluation, parents can request a free assessment.

Once the evaluation is completed, the results are used to determine the child’s eligibility for early intervention services. If a child is eligible, he or she will be assigned an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP), which describes the services the child will receive.

Speech Therapy and Early Intervention: A Collaborative Approach

The IFSP is created through a process that includes a team of professionals. This team meets with the parents and evaluates the results of the evaluation. They also discuss what services the family needs.

Depending on the needs of the child, other members of the team may be involved. For example, the child’s teacher or child care provider may be a part of the team.

Children ages birth to three can be evaluated to determine if they qualify for early intervention services. If the child qualifies, the family will be referred to an EarlySteps office.

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