Thermoplastic Line Markings

Thermoplastic line markings are a type of traffic paint that is highly durable. They can last up to seven times longer than traditional pavement markings, allowing traffic to flow smoothly with less downtime for repainting. Source

These special road markings use a mix of pigments, glass beads and filler that are heated to create the desired shape. They also contain packing materials to keep the thermoplastic in a solid form, and additives for color and fading-resistance.

Eco-Friendly Roads: The Sustainability of Thermoplastic Line Marking

Once the mixture is shaped and ready for application, it can be placed on the pavement with specialized equipment that is engineered to keep the thermoplastic hot. It can then be sprayed or extruded onto the surface to form the desired line and design. Thermoplastic markings do not require time to dry, so traffic can be open to the area almost immediately after application.

This durability makes it ideal for areas that see a lot of traffic, including busy highways and commercial traffic lanes. It is also a good choice for intersections, transverse lines such as arrows, symbols and messaged, crosswalks and handicap (ADA) symbols.

The reflective properties of the glass beads in the thermoplastic also help with visibility at night. This makes it ideal for school zones or other locations that require visual indicators besides physical signs to communicate safety instructions to drivers. This is especially important during bad weather when poor visibility can be an issue, and the high retroreflectivity of the markings helps to maximize visibility.

Liv Pure Review – Does Liv Pure Really Work?


Many people struggle to lose weight even after trying everything they can. But the problem might not be their lack of willpower or diet. The real reason may be poor liver health. livpure is a natural detox supplement that claims to enhance sluggish metabolism and boost fat metabolization to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

It also promises to cleanse the liver and boost your energy levels. This supplement is packed with a combination of liver-boosting ingredients, including resveratrol and genistein. These substances have been shown to reduce inflammation and promote healthy liver function, thereby allowing you to burn excess fat faster.

Livpure Water Purifiers: How to Choose the Right Model for Your Needs

Another ingredient is glutathione, which helps the liver flush out toxins and boosts its metabolization power. Glutathione is also known to support liver regeneration and help you live a healthier life.

The liver-detoxifying blend of livpure also includes green tea extract, which has been proven to boost metabolism and accelerate calorie burning. This makes it easier to reach your weight loss goals and achieve a healthy body composition.

Moreover, livpure also helps in suppressing appetite and reducing hunger pangs, which is important for achieving long-term weight loss success. The supplement also contains a number of ingredients that can improve mood and help in preventing emotional eating. By taming your appetite, livpure helps you stay focused on your diet and prevents you from overindulging in unhealthy foods. In addition, the formula is designed to improve immune system functioning and reduce stress levels.

Nice Bars in Valencia


The nightlife in nice bars in Valencia is thriving, with many bars, clubs, and other places to go out dotted around the city. Here are some nice ones that I’ve experienced over the years:

The rooftop bar at the Hotel Matisse is an elegant spot to enjoy a drink and tapas on a sunny terrace with lovely views. The vibe is chic and relaxed with a great selection of drinks and cocktails. The food menu is also impressive, with a good mix of classic Spanish dishes.

One of the nicest bars in Valencia is at the historic Plaza del Negrito, which has a number of lively bars and cafes surrounding a charming square. It’s a fun place to soak in the energetic atmosphere of the city at night and try out some of the local beers on offer.

A Taste of Elegance: The Best Nice Bars in Valencia

Another cool bar in Valencia is Apotheke, which has a 1920s theme and is set up like a speakeasy complete with live music. The cocktails here are incredible, with some of the city’s best mixologists standing behind the bar.

Other popular spots include the rooftop bar at the Hotel Iberostar Lieu de la Valldigna, which offers stunning views over the city and has some of the best sunsets in Valencia. The ambiance is elegant and sophisticated, with the staff very friendly. It’s a great place to enjoy a few drinks with friends or a romantic evening. Another top tip is Tyris on Tap, which has a range of locally brewed beers, including some excellent ales.

White Truffle Strain

white truffle strain

Tale of Two Strains found in the form of live resin diamonds, white truffle strain delivers an intense body high with a clear mind. THC accounts for 12-13% of this marijuana, while CBD and CBN make up the rest. This weed is ideal for relaxing after a long day of work or studying. It also enhances focus, creativity and even arousal. Consumers report feeling happy and energized at first, but this fades into a heavy, peaceful relaxation that makes you want to do nothing.

This strain is available as a high-quality extract, tincture and as a vape oil. These can be purchased from select legal dispensaries, such as A Cut Above, All the Buzz, Alternative Medicine on Capitol Hill and Ajoya. Other stores that carry this cannabis include Callie’s Cannabis Shoppe, Colorado Harvest Co., Cookies, Del Mundo Cannabis, Karing Kind, Frost Exotic, High West Cannabis and the Herbal Center.

Case Studies: Real-Life Experiences with Cement Shoe Strain

Growing this cannabis strain is simple and easy, especially when done indoors with a controlled environment. However, it can also be grown outdoors in cool climates where there is little to no wind. When grown indoors, this cannabis requires a high humidity level and optimal lighting to maximize yields.

Bred by Parabellum Genetics, this strain is the result of a backcross between Original Glue and Peanut Butter Breath. This sativa-dominant hybrid has an Indica-heavy 70:30 ratio and boasts some of the most potent effects on the market today. Its terpene profile offers a unique blend of lemony citrus, earthy mushroom and garlic notes. Its humulene and caryophyllene terpenes also contribute to its heady aroma that is reminiscent of fresh earth, citrus and pepper with notes of vanilla.

Data Story Examples

data story examples

data story examples is a way of communicating complex information using visuals and an engaging narrative. It’s an increasingly popular approach to share insights in business and beyond.

A good data story begins with a question, typically centered around a business-oriented key metric like sales. But the question could also be about anything from the results of a customer satisfaction survey to the impact of a new policy change on website traffic.

Next, it’s important to identify what’s missing or unknown in the data you’ve gathered. This is known as the knowledge gap. It’s what makes it so important to understand your audience and their level of understanding when creating a data story—if you don’t know where your audience stands, you may end up sharing insights that they won’t get.

Uncovering Hidden Trends: Data Story Examples That Will Amaze You

For example, if you’re telling the story of how increased advertising spending led to a boost in business revenue, your audience might be confused by the fact that there was no increase in overall sales. The lack of context and the mismatch between what you’re reporting and your audiences’ expectations can quickly turn them off of your presentation.

You can help keep your audiences engaged by focusing on the most relevant points in your data and avoiding tangential information. Also, since trends and correlations can shift quickly, you should regularly refresh your data to make sure your story is still valid. ThoughtSpot automatically analyzes your data and alerts you when it detects changes that could impact the narrative of your data story.