White Truffle Strain

white truffle strain

Tale of Two Strains found in the form of live resin diamonds, white truffle strain delivers an intense body high with a clear mind. THC accounts for 12-13% of this marijuana, while CBD and CBN make up the rest. This weed is ideal for relaxing after a long day of work or studying. It also enhances focus, creativity and even arousal. Consumers report feeling happy and energized at first, but this fades into a heavy, peaceful relaxation that makes you want to do nothing.

This strain is available as a high-quality extract, tincture and as a vape oil. These can be purchased from select legal dispensaries, such as A Cut Above, All the Buzz, Alternative Medicine on Capitol Hill and Ajoya. Other stores that carry this cannabis include Callie’s Cannabis Shoppe, Colorado Harvest Co., Cookies, Del Mundo Cannabis, Karing Kind, Frost Exotic, High West Cannabis and the Herbal Center.

Case Studies: Real-Life Experiences with Cement Shoe Strain

Growing this cannabis strain is simple and easy, especially when done indoors with a controlled environment. However, it can also be grown outdoors in cool climates where there is little to no wind. When grown indoors, this cannabis requires a high humidity level and optimal lighting to maximize yields.

Bred by Parabellum Genetics, this strain is the result of a backcross between Original Glue and Peanut Butter Breath. This sativa-dominant hybrid has an Indica-heavy 70:30 ratio and boasts some of the most potent effects on the market today. Its terpene profile offers a unique blend of lemony citrus, earthy mushroom and garlic notes. Its humulene and caryophyllene terpenes also contribute to its heady aroma that is reminiscent of fresh earth, citrus and pepper with notes of vanilla.

Get a Pool Pass Near Me

The thought of plunging into a shimmery pool is one of summer’s most enduring fantasies. But when you’re sweating on a subway platform or baking on a sidewalk, escaping to a cool oasis might seem impossible. Fortunately, some hotels open their pools and their poolside amenities to non-guests for a fee. You can get that summer vacay feeling without the hefty hotel bill (provided you don’t book a cabana).

From skyline views to lush tropical surroundings, these hotel pool pass near me offer everything from plush loungers to impeccable service. Plus, some of them double as rooftop bars and can make for a fun social scene when the sun goes down.

Dive into Fun: Discovering Pool Passes Near Me for a Refreshing Day Out

The swanky hotel options tend to run your wallet dry, but there are plenty of local spots that are also worth the trip. From the city’s biggest hotel pool to a hidden gem in Staten Island, these NYC-based pool spots are ready for you to take a dip.

Located in the Lower East Side, Hamilton Fish Pool offers a relaxed, pretension-free vibe that’s perfect for swimming laps and mingling with fellow swimmers. You can pack a picnic to enjoy while lounging on the wide band of concrete, or order drinks and food at the pool bar. Guests can visit any day during the week, but families are encouraged to come during dedicated family swim hours on Fridays and Saturdays.

Those in need of financial assistance are eligible to receive reduced fees for swim passes and programs at participating Cedar Rapids parks and pools through the Low-Income Assistance Program. To apply, call (319) 330-1535.

Can Dogs Eat Pineapple?

can dogs eatpineapple

Can dogs eat.pineapple is a fruit that is safe for dogs to eat as long as you follow a few guidelines. The key is to only feed your dog the flesh (rather than the skin, core or crown) and make sure it’s cut into small chunks. Also, since pineapple is high in natural sugars, it should only be fed occasionally as a treat. In addition, dogs with diabetes should avoid eating pineapple as it can exacerbate their symptoms.

The nutrient-rich pineapple is a good source of vitamin C, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, and folate, as well as minerals such as manganese, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, and phosphorus. It also contains the enzyme bromelain, which is considered nature’s antihistamine because of its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

Pineapple and Pups: A Look at Whether Dogs Can Safely Enjoy This Tropical Treat

As with any new food, you should only give your dog a small amount of pineapple and monitor their reaction to ensure they don’t have an adverse side effect such as stomach upset or allergic reactions. It’s also a good idea to only use fresh or frozen pineapple, rather than canned pineapple as the latter can be full of preservatives.

It’s also important to avoid feeding your dog the pineapple peel, core, and crown because they are inedible and could cause an obstruction in their esophagus, intestines, or stomach. Additionally, pineapple leaves should not be eaten because they have a tough texture with sharp spikes that can cause injury to your dog’s mouth and throat. Also, it’s best not to leave a whole pineapple on the floor for your pup to chew on because it may present a choking hazard.

Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve With Laminated Seal

triple eccentric butterfly valve

The butterfly valve is a type of rotary control valve with the advantages of simple structure, small size, lightweight, and high flow control characteristics. It is widely used in petrochemical, metallurgical steelmaking, water treatment, and electric power industries. The early butterfly valve could not withstand high temperatures and large pressure and had a big leakage problem. The current triple eccentric butterfly valve is designed with three points of offsets – radial, shaft, and seat cone axis angle eccentricity – to eliminate rubbing between the sealing surfaces and extend the life of the seal. This unique design makes the valve a metal-to-metal seal and can withstand severe operation conditions.Learn more:shiphamvalves.com

Choosing the Right Material for Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valves: A Buyer’s Guide

The friction behavior between the disc and the seat is determined by the interaction between the valve stem rotational speed the shedding of vortices and the flow-induced forces. The frequency characteristics of these external forces are mainly determined by the pressure fluctuations and the natural frequencies of the disc-stem assembly. Consequently, it is important to study the pressure fluctuation characteristics inside the valve in order to identify the optimum design of the valve.

The experimental modal analysis of the cryogenic triple eccentric butterfly valve (TOBV) with laminated seal has been carried out to discover contact stress behaviors at different temperatures. The results show that the rubbing between the seat and disc increases with the increasing of the operating temperature, and it is important to optimize the design of TOBV to guarantee its operability and safety.

Omaha Warehouses – The Center of Innovation and Industry

Smack in the middle of the prairie, warehouse Omaha may look unassuming at first glance, but this city is a center of innovation and industry. It is often considered an underrated tourist destination because it offers a low cost of living, family friendly amenities, a strong job market and unique cultural experiences.

What is warehouse and examples?

Omaha’s early success as a transportation hub led to a variety of economic sectors in its earliest years, including meatpacking, stockyards and regional brewing. The city’s riverfront location drew steamboats from the Missouri River to ship goods to markets in the east and west. Railroad connections also brought freight to town, and the city became a warehouse hub for shipping goods around the country.

The financial sector is one of Omaha’s strongest industries, with three Fortune 1000 insurance companies: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska, Mutual of Omaha and TD Ameritrade. The region’s other major insurer is a division of Berkshire Hathaway called Woodmen of the World. Insurance brokers, investment banks and other finance-related businesses are also well-represented in the local economy.

Call centers are another big industry in Omaha. National call centers such as those for Marriott, Hyatt and Radisson hotels and the traffic information center for Greyhound bus lines are located in the city. The city is also home to the headquarters of worldwide telecommunications company US West. Omaha is also a thriving business hub for entrepreneurs, with several Fortune 500 CEOs calling the city their home. The most famous of these is Warren Buffett, nicknamed the “Oracle of Omaha,” who is one of the richest people in the world.