Column Guards Pallet Racking

In a fast-paced warehouse environment, forklifts are going to bump and hit pallet racks. These impacts can compromise the structural integrity of the racking, causing damage and potentially putting products at risk of falling or hurting workers. Using a pallet rack guard or end of aisle guard is an inexpensive insurance policy against potential damage and is an easy way to show that your company puts warehouse safety first.

How much space do you need between pallet racks?

End of Aisle column guards pallet racking or Column Protectors are steel options that anchor to the slab or bolt on to a racking upright and help prevent costly impact damage in the warehouse. They are available in different heights depending on the needs of your warehouse and can be added at any point during a rack’s life.

Forklift collisions are the most common warehouse accident and implementing an add-on forklift bumper can reduce the damage that results. Forklift impact damage can cost a lot of money, not only in repairs and replacements, but also in lost productivity as your warehouse employees struggle to navigate damaged racking.

Forklift column protectors, also known as post protectors, prolong the life of a racking system by providing steel reinforced protection at the base of the pallet rack uprights. They are available in both bolt-to-column and bolt-to-floor styles, as well as a variety of sizes and heights. In addition to protecting the columns, some of these protectors can also be used to prevent the casters of automatic guided vehicles (AGV’s) from hitting a column and causing damage.