Data Story Examples

data story examples

data story examples is a way of communicating complex information using visuals and an engaging narrative. It’s an increasingly popular approach to share insights in business and beyond.

A good data story begins with a question, typically centered around a business-oriented key metric like sales. But the question could also be about anything from the results of a customer satisfaction survey to the impact of a new policy change on website traffic.

Next, it’s important to identify what’s missing or unknown in the data you’ve gathered. This is known as the knowledge gap. It’s what makes it so important to understand your audience and their level of understanding when creating a data story—if you don’t know where your audience stands, you may end up sharing insights that they won’t get.

Uncovering Hidden Trends: Data Story Examples That Will Amaze You

For example, if you’re telling the story of how increased advertising spending led to a boost in business revenue, your audience might be confused by the fact that there was no increase in overall sales. The lack of context and the mismatch between what you’re reporting and your audiences’ expectations can quickly turn them off of your presentation.

You can help keep your audiences engaged by focusing on the most relevant points in your data and avoiding tangential information. Also, since trends and correlations can shift quickly, you should regularly refresh your data to make sure your story is still valid. ThoughtSpot automatically analyzes your data and alerts you when it detects changes that could impact the narrative of your data story.