Detian and Ban Gioc Waterfalls

The Detian and Ban Gioc waterfalls are located on the international border of China and Vietnam. The two waterfalls are a collection of spectacular sights. The two falls are separated by the Ban Gioc River and are one of the most popular tourist attractions in Vietnam. You can also see these natural wonders from the international border crossing between China and Vietnam. However, if you are looking for an adventure, you can opt for a more scenic route to see these beautiful and picturesque landscapes.

How to Know About Detian and Ban Gioc Waterfalls

Visitors to Ban Gioc can ride a bamboo raft to see the stunning waterfalls and its surroundings. Although the rafting trip is only ten minutes, it allows you to take pictures of the lush green grass banks and yellow rice paddy fields. There are no handrails or other safety measures to follow, so be sure to pay attention to the warning signs. If you don’t have a boat, you can also rent a rowboat and ride down the river to see the fall from a more picturesque vantage point.

To reach the waterfall, you can take a Local Vietnam bus that departs every 30 minutes from dawn till dusk. If you don’t want to take a local bus, you can also opt for private hires. Prices vary significantly, but the one-way trip will cost you USD3 and take 90 minutes. You can also hire a small boat to get to the other side of the river. The cost will depend on the number of people you are traveling with and your budget.