Get a Pool Pass Near Me

The thought of plunging into a shimmery pool is one of summer’s most enduring fantasies. But when you’re sweating on a subway platform or baking on a sidewalk, escaping to a cool oasis might seem impossible. Fortunately, some hotels open their pools and their poolside amenities to non-guests for a fee. You can get that summer vacay feeling without the hefty hotel bill (provided you don’t book a cabana).

From skyline views to lush tropical surroundings, these hotel pool pass near me offer everything from plush loungers to impeccable service. Plus, some of them double as rooftop bars and can make for a fun social scene when the sun goes down.

Dive into Fun: Discovering Pool Passes Near Me for a Refreshing Day Out

The swanky hotel options tend to run your wallet dry, but there are plenty of local spots that are also worth the trip. From the city’s biggest hotel pool to a hidden gem in Staten Island, these NYC-based pool spots are ready for you to take a dip.

Located in the Lower East Side, Hamilton Fish Pool offers a relaxed, pretension-free vibe that’s perfect for swimming laps and mingling with fellow swimmers. You can pack a picnic to enjoy while lounging on the wide band of concrete, or order drinks and food at the pool bar. Guests can visit any day during the week, but families are encouraged to come during dedicated family swim hours on Fridays and Saturdays.

Those in need of financial assistance are eligible to receive reduced fees for swim passes and programs at participating Cedar Rapids parks and pools through the Low-Income Assistance Program. To apply, call (319) 330-1535.