How to Compare Solar Panel Prices

solar panel prices

As the solar pv ireland  continues to evolve, homeowners are often curious about how much a home solar power system costs. As with most big-ticket purchases, solar installation prices vary by a wide range of factors.

The most obvious is the size of the home solar system that a consumer gets. A bigger system will have more panels, and therefore a higher cost per watt of electricity generated. This Costco-esque relationship is not the only factor, however; a solar panel’s cost per watt also depends on its quality. The best solar panel types—like monocrystalline and polycrystalline—operate at higher efficiency rates, which reduces the amount of panels required to power a home.

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Additionally, the location of a home is important. Sun-viable states like California can generate plenty of energy, and residents there won’t need to install as many panels. Finally, local solar incentives can dramatically affect the final price of a system. Cities and utility providers often offer rebates for solar panels, battery storage and other energy-efficient home upgrades.

When comparing solar system costs, it’s important to remember that the bulk of the investment comes upfront when purchasing the solar modules. There are other components to consider, though, such as the installer’s experience and price, racking equipment, inverter brand and warranty and more. For this reason, it’s often difficult to compare system prices based on the brand of solar module. For that reason, it’s generally more helpful to focus on the total system price—which is what includes the installation and all the other elements of the PV system.