How to Pass the OTL Insurance License Exam

otl insurance license

Insurance is a otl insurance license industry with many different career paths. For individuals looking to work as an insurance agent, it is important that they pass the OTL (Other Than Life) Agent exam. The OTL exam is a requirement to become licensed as an insurance agent in Ontario. The Insurance Institute offers a wide range of options for individuals who are interested in becoming an insurance agent including virtual proctored online exams and group sittings at their exam centres.

Navigating OTL Insurance: Essential Tips for Securing Comprehensive Coverage

Once you have passed the OTL exam, you will need to complete a background criminal check through Triton Canada. The background criminal check is designed to verify your identity, conduct a criminal record search and ensure you are suitable to hold a licence as an insurance agent. Depending on your arrangement with your sponsoring insurer, they may pay this fee for you.

After the background criminal check has been completed, FSRA will email you to confirm that they have received your application for a general licence. The emailed notification will include the name and contact information for your assigned Licensing and Registration Specialist who will contact you directly if additional information is required for review.

After the OTL licence has been approved, you can now begin working as an insurance agent in Ontario! Individuals who wish to become an insurance broker should consider writing the RIBO exam, which is not as difficult and has more career paths. RIBO exam registrants can write their exam either as a Virtually proctored online exam through TopClass or ProctorU or in-person at an Institute Examination Centre.