How to Use a Small Basket to Organize Your Home

Small basket are one of those inexpensive home accessories that we tend to overlook — but with a little creative display, these functional storage containers can really shine. Whether you’re looking to organize a bathroom counter or spruce up your coffee table, we’ve got just the right basket for every room.

Create a cute Valentine’s Day gift with this woven paper heart basket, stuffed full of candy. This simple craft project requires no needles or glue, and the end results are a sweet way to give the one you love.

Baskets look particularly pretty hanging on a wall as an art piece. Troll your local flea market or thrift store, and you’re bound to find some old baskets with a gorgeous farmhouse feel. Use them as wall decor in a dining room, foyer, or entryway for an eye-catching design that makes a statement about your home’s style.

Small Baskets, Big Impact: Creative Uses for Compact Storage Solutions

A basket makes an excellent nightstand organizer for a bedroom. Keep extra blankets, pillows, and guest slippers in a shallow basket on top of the nightstand or on a nearby shelf for easy access while guests stay. This simple decor idea from Camilia Home will keep your space neat and tidy without hiding away useful items.

Baskets make an ideal storage solution for a cluttered kitchen counter. Keep your cooking oils and spices in a shallow storage basket on the countertop or near the stove for easy access while you cook. You can also use a storage basket in your freezer to organize food by type (such as frozen pizzas and bags of vegetables) so nothing gets lost in the back.