Is a Traffic Ticket Worth Fighting?

When you’re for a Nyc traffic ticket violation, you need to decide if it is worth fighting. A NY traffic ticket conviction can increase your insurance costs, show up on background checks and impact your job if you’re a professional driver. It also adds points to your driving record and if you get too many, your license may be suspended.

What happens if you don’t pay traffic ticket NYC?

To fight the ticket, you’ll need to attend a hearing at the TVB office or court listed on the bottom of the summons. This is where you’ll have the chance to present witnesses and evidence in your defense and argue your case before an administrative law judge. The officer who issued the ticket must testify and provide information on why they believe you violated every element of the alleged offense.

Section 1 of the ticket contains information on pleading guilty or not-guilty. It’s important to note that NYC is one of the few locations in the country that does not allow you to plead no contest. The bottom right of the ticket explains how you can enter a not-guilty plea which allows you to contest the ticket in court and potentially have it dismissed.

It’s crucial that you contact a qualified traffic attorney to ensure you have the best possible chances of having your NY traffic ticket dismissed. You can hire a traffic attorney online or by calling. Our attorneys can help you determine if the ticket is worth fighting and explore options that might reduce penalties such as attending traffic school or reducing points on your record.


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