Numinus Bioscience Grows Organic Shrooms in Canada

organic shrooms canada

In the wild, mushroom pickers are harvesting mushrooms for fun or profit — in places where the practice used to be illegal. But in Vancouver, Canada, a psychedelics company has become the first to legally harvest magic mushrooms since the country’s last wave of research ended in the 1970s. Numinus Bioscience has a licensed facility on the west coast of British Columbia where it grows and extracts psilocybe mushrooms for use in psychotherapy. URL

The company is one of many that is taking advantage of a recent legal shift. Since 2020, dozens of terminally ill patients have sought exemptions from Health Canada that allow them to buy and possess psilocybin for their end-of-life treatment.

Taste and Tradition: Incorporating Organic Canadian Mushrooms into Culinary Delights

In parallel, a growing number of Canadians are interested in microdosing, taking a small amount of the drug to enhance focus and creativity. This practice is popular among Silicon Valley insiders and psychedelic aficionados, but it’s not yet widely available in the wider world. Google searches for “microdosing” and “magic mushrooms” have doubled over the past year.

In some cities, psilocybin is available in a small number of brick-and-mortar shops and is sold online for delivery to Canadian doorsteps. But most mushroom edibles aren’t standardized or regulated, which can make it difficult to know what you’re getting. Reddit threads muse on whether gummies or shroom chocolate bars actually contain psilocybin, and some wonder whether some of the products are being spiked with synthetic psilacetin, a less-potent compound that’s also been banned by Health Canada.