Rod Holders – A Boat Essential

Boat accessories are those devices and amenities that are adding to a boat to make it more comfortable or efficient while in water. Rod holders are one such accessory and are available in different designs, shapes and sizes. There are those that are installed right onto the top of the boat while there are those that are placed at regular eye level and are kept in place using simple clamps or even pegs. The latter type is the most commonly preferred as it keeps the rod secure and aloft without requiring the use of extra anchors or further arrangements on deck.

rod holders boat


Rod holders allow boaters to securely hang their fishing rods from the boat’s deck. This also allows them to free their hands which otherwise might get entangled in hanging line. It also allows boaters to easily cast their lines as well as remove them when they want to switch fishing locations. It allows them to conveniently store their catch too which would otherwise have been difficult if not impossible to stow in the boat. Some boats also come with built-in rod holders while other use external racks. More on rod holders boat


There are also special types of these holders called “tote-shelter” or “tote-shelter pedestal” to name a few. These are specially manufactured to protect the boat floor from damage. This is especially important for smaller vessels that can suffer a lot of water impacts. Boat owners also find this handy in protecting the wheel from water, thus allowing it to function properly even under high winds or sudden changes of weather conditions.