The Latest Trends in Kitchen Hardware

The hottest kitchen hardware trends for2019 show very little correlation to whatever is in fashion right now, but there are definitely some hot items on the horizon. Satin nickel has been big in 2021, although it has been slowly decreasing steadily from its high in late 2021, and it did have a significant downturn starting in late 2021. Rose gold is a classic color that never goes out of style, and while it was relatively flat throughout most of the decade, it has been gaining momentum slightly in the last few months. Both gold and silver are popular choices for kitchen hardware, and although silver is not likely to gain as much momentum as gold in the years to come, it is still a strong contender for the future. Popular kitchen hardware trends include small, durable key rings and kitchen wall decor, with much of the focus being on these two areas.

How To Choose And Install Kitchen Hardware To Enhance Design

The hottest trend in kitchen hardware may be in the knobs and pulls. These are typically larger than kitchen knobs and pulls, and are usually made of metal or other non-plastic materials such as glass. Popular kitchen hardware trends often center around the current interest in stainless steel kitchen equipment, so the popularity of stainless steel knobs and pulls are on the rise. Some people have expressed desire for larger, more extravagant knobs, while others prefer a more subtle approach such as circular pulls or double-ended pulls.

One of the newest trends in kitchen hardware involves kitchen drawer handles. These are typically short, decorative pieces that sit on the drawer fronts or on a kitchen countertop. Many people choose drawer handles based on their personal style, but some popular styles include modern finishes like brushed nickel, satin nickel, and brushed bronze. While some people prefer a more traditional look, modern or contemporary kitchen hardware is popular because it can help create a unique style in a home. You can also find many more finishes and styles in hardware stores and online.