The New Food Pyramid

new food pyramid

When it comes to healthy eating, nuova piramide alimentare has a food pyramid in their mind. But the government’s version has had a few makeovers over the years. This year it dispensed with its 1992 pyramid design, replaced it with a funky image of a plate split into four sections for fruits, vegetables, grains and proteins and added a circle for dairy to symbolize milk consumption.

Its biggest change is emphasizing whole grain foods over refined grains. It also reflects a growing body of research that shows plant-based diets are healthier for you than those that are high in meat and fat.

From Base to Summit: Exploring the Revised Food Pyramid for Balanced Eating

The new pyramid also makes clear that not all fats are bad and that some types of fats may even lower your risk of heart disease. But it does not take a hard enough line on the amount of processed starches and red meat that should be eaten or adequately emphasizes the adverse effects of certain types of fat.

The government has a lot of work to do before its nutrition guidelines will be accurate and accessible. The USDA should be reformed into an independent agency with a well-defined mission that is insulated from vested agricultural interests and whose nutritional advice will be objective. Then its new food icon will be able to do its job: guiding Americans in making better choices. We need that more than ever today.