Wet Pour Rubber Surfacing

wet pour rubber surfacing

wet pour rubber surfacing is a highly impact-absorbing surface which is commonly used around playground equipment in multi use game areas. It is available in a range of colors and offers a very safe, resilient and slip-resistant surface which is easy to clean and low maintenance. It is ideal for all weather conditions and is a great option for outdoor surfaces, as it can be installed over existing tarmac or concrete surfaces, removing the need for excavation. Wet pour rubber can also be incorporated into landscaped surfaces, providing a soft textured surface suitable for garden beds and pathways as well as aged care areas and pool surrounds.

Maintaining Safety and Aesthetics: Tips for Caring for Wet Pour Rubber Surfaces

A wet pour rubber surfacing system is made up of two layers. The base layer of the surface is made of recycled SBR rubber granulate, which is extracted from old truck tyres and mixed with a polyurethane resin on site before being installed to the required depth. The top layer consists of a finely granulated rubber which is bound together with the same polyurethane resin to create a seamless, joint free surface.

It is designed to be both vandal-resistant and easy to maintain with regular sweeping or vacuuming to remove debris from the surface. It is also easily sanitized using non-toxic chemicals that are available for cleaning the surfacing. Wet pour can also be re-poured as the material is extremely durable and long lasting, however regular inspections are recommended to identify any repairs or potential problems.