Why Use Natural Stone Cladding for Your Exterior Roofing and Windows Applications?

stone cladding

When it comes to the question of whether the stone is suitable for exterior applications or not, many people will cite costs as their top concern. However, this shouldn’t be the only factor that determines your decision. In fact, many stone products are very affordable, which makes them an excellent choice for exterior applications as well as inside the home. In addition to being highly flexible and durable, stone cladding is also quite easy to install, especially if you choose to use masonry cladding. If you are going to go with stone cladding as the exterior face of your home’s exterior walls, there are a few things that you need to know in order to ensure the longevity and durability of the finished product.


First off, it is important to note that stone cladding is not really a stone type at all. It is actually a thin layer of any one of the many different stone types that can be used for exterior applications. For instance, stone tiles are often used for roofing and walls in order to provide a durable material for those structures. However, stone cladding isn’t really a stone type at all. Rather, it is an imitation of stone materials in order to provide a durable, load-bearing surface for your building material. This type of exterior application is perfect for any structure where aesthetic appeal is more important than durability, however.


As mentioned above, the most important thing to remember is that stone cladding is simply a thin layer of natural stone applied to your building to help provide a more durable exterior application. It provides a more attractive facade for your building by providing a clear, see-through surface that can easily be seen from a distance. However, a thin layer of this material doesn’t provide any additional load-bearing characteristics or features of its own. You will find that the cost of this type of material tends to be relatively inexpensive, especially when compared with some of the other options that are available for exterior application. In addition, it will provide you with a clear, see-through surface that can easily be cleaned. However, you will quickly learn that you have a lot of other options to consider when you’re looking to cover your home or business, so it’s important to explore your options carefully.